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    Supporting the Turquoise Wedge with Mirrors and Windows in the School Library Collection. Michelle Easley, ED.S., delivers a superb exploration of mirror and window books as a critical component of a diverse school library collection. After this powerhouse presentation, you will feel empowered to support the turquoise wedge by curating resources that reflect and value diversity. WATCH NOW



    Library and Classroom Connections: Using Games and Makerspaces Tabletop games are excellent resources for both curricular and co-curricular learning. In this webinar, Lauren Hays and Kim Lindskog will show you how to incorporate tabletop games into the library and connect the games to classroom instruction. You'll learn creative ideas for using makerspaces to support gamification and game-based learning. You'll also come away with innovative approaches to connect learning between teachers, librarians and students. 

    AUG 9, 2018 | 2pm CDT 

    In Case You Missed It: What We Learned at the Future Ready Librarian Leadership Summit Library leaders Shannon McClintock Miller, Elissa Malespina and Traci Chun played key roles in the Future Ready Librarian Leadership Summit in June, kicking off the 2018 ISTE Conference. During this webinar, they will share lessons learned and new strategies and tools discovered during the action-packed, full-day summit. Even if you were at the summit, you'll want to attend for a refresher and/or to contribute your learning as well! 

    SEP 5, 2018 | 5pm CDT 

    What's New in Destiny 16.0  Destiny 16.0 brings significant improvements to Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Discover, Destiny Resource Manager and Destiny Analytics. Register for this webinar to learn about all of the new features, including enhancements to our ebook and audiobook reader functionality that will provide a simplified reading experience and improved support for offline reading.   

    SEP 18, 2018 | 2pm CDT 


    ARCHIVED: Watch Recording

    > Supporting the Turquoise Wedge with Mirrors and Windows in the School Library Collection This webinar explores the concept of mirror and window books as a critical component of a diverse school library collection. Additionally, participants will examine the concept of the single story, such as Christopher Columbus. They will deconstruct this single story and identify sources for obtaining multiple perspectives of the story. After watching, you will feel empowered to support the turquoise wedge by curating resources, both print and digital, that reflect and value diversity. | July 2018

    > Literacy Intervention: Strategies for Success at All Ages  At what point do educators intervene to keep students on track for lifelong literacy? Join this lively presentation about ways to help students at all levels and ages move forward toward literacy success. Dr. Tracy Tarasiuk will share strategies and best practices designed to help educators determine when to intervene and how. Specific programs for different age groups will be shared, as well as resources striving readers enjoy that promote literacy and don't make the child feel isolated or singled out. | June 2018

    > What's Coming in Destiny 16.0 Exciting changes are ahead! Beginning in late 2018, you will start to see improvements to Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Discover, Destiny Resource Manager and Destiny Analytics. There will also be new features, including enhancements to our ebook and audiobook reader functionality that will provide a simplified reading experience and improved support for offline reading. We are eager to rollout new improvements that make Destiny better for you and the students and staff you serve. We want to help make your next school year even better than the last! | May 2018

    > Keep Only What Works: Ways to Weed Your K12 Library  Is it time to examine what's sitting on your school library shelves? Collection development is more than buying new books. Continuous pruning, updating and evaluation is required if libraries are to remain viable resources of 21-century information sharing and hubs of what's the latest and most useful. Join us as we explore the best approaches to weeding, how to put your technology to work for you as you refine your collections, and what resources become essential tools as you endeavor to ensure your library is carefully and consistently weeded. | May 2018

    Strategies to Build Readers. The Benefits of Connecting School and Public Libraries  Join two experienced library professionals, one from a school library and another from a public library, as they share strategies and ideas on how to collaborate to help students develop a love of reading while gaining new literacy skills. | Apr 2018

    Intervention Strategies for Striving Readers and Writers in Grades 3 - 8  This webinar focuses on how to diagnose reading and writing issues among striving readers and help them succeed in their education and life. | Mar 2018

    Destiny Analytics: Using Data to Make Better Decisions This add on for Resource Manager and Library Manager allows you to make educated, fact-based decisions that promote efficiency and effectiveness in managing learning resources.| Feb 2018

    What's New in Destiny 15.5 Destiny version 15.5 provides improvements to Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Discover, Collections by Destiny, Destiny Resource Manager and Destiny Analytics. | Feb 2018 

    Worldwide Literacy Success: The Key Role of Libraries in English National Curriculum Caroline Gregory and Anna Makepeace, Senior British Educational Consultants at Follett | Jan 2018

    Keeping It Fresh: How to Create and Sustain a Maker Culture Take your maker program to the next level with practical tips on how to motivate teens and attract more student visits. Alisha Wilson| Dec 2017

    Sourcing Materials for Struggling and Reluctant Readers Tasha Squires plus Tim McHugh w/Saddleback, Dayle Sutherland w/Orca, Sabine McAlpine w/Thorndike| Nov 2017

    The Importance of Weeding in Collection Development  Kate Concannon, Emily Smith | Oct 2017

    > Future Ready Librarians Webinar Dawn Baughman, Becky Calzada, Sandy Liptak, Zandra Lopez, Shannon Miller, Charmaine Norton, Suzanna Panter | Oct 2017

    > Balanced Literacy Dr. Jayme Linton, SimpleK12 | Oct 2017

    > Makerspace and the Curriculum: Best Practices for Transforming Learning  Shannon Mersand, Sheri McNair | Sep 2017 

    Reading Beyond the Library: Support Reading and Collaboration with Biblionasium and Destiny  Marjan Ghara, Shannon Miller | Aug 2017   

    > Designing Learning for Rigor, Relevance and Research  Sue Fitzgerald, Kirsten Wilson | Aug 2017  

    > Collaboration to Support Planning and Skills Across the PYP, MYP, DP and CP  Klaudia Janek, Jennie McKenzie | Jun 2017

    > Alike But Different: Supporting Individual Learning Styles Using Audiobooks and Print Rose Brock, Ph.D., Jodie Cohen, Cheryl Herman – Penguin Random House | May 2017

    > Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course  Shannon Miller | Apr 2017

    Future Ready Librarians: Leading Beyond the Library  Bill Bass, Kim Lindskog, Shannon Miller, Mark Ray | Apr 2017  

    > Selecting Texts for Text Sets: Best Practices for K-8  Mary Ann Cappiello, Erika Thulin Dawes | Mar 2017 

    > Reading Between the Lines: Promoting Reading K-9 at the Int'l School of Dusseldorf  Stuart Crouch, Courtney Moore | Feb 2017

    > Promoting Inclusion, Social Equity and Diversity in Your Library  K.C. Boyd, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Michelle Martin, Craig Seasholes | Jan 2017

    > Getting Ready for ESSA: What You Need to Know  Julie Carter, Ellen Cleary Ruane | Jan 2017

    > Enhance Your Library: Save Time & Build a Smarter Collection  Kendra Perkins | Dec 2016

    > Balanced Literacy: Strategies for Practical Application Based on Research  Meagan Dillon | Nov 2016

    > What's New With MLA 8?  Michele Kirshenbaum/EasyBib, Julie Knutson | Oct 2016

    > Researching in a Digital World: The Role of eBooks  Carla Zvonek | Oct 2016

    > Success for Struggling Readers: New Strategies Using eBooks  Sarah Downing, Ann Fondren | Oct 2016

    Integrating Graphic Novels Into Curriculum  Jill Gerber, Greg Grunberg, Lucas Turnbloom | Sep  2016

    > Ditching Dewey: Genrefication in Your Library  Don Rokusek, Tiffany Whitehead | Jun  2016

    Literacy through the Arts: Standards-Aligned Curriculum for History and Social Studies!  Julie Knutson, Emily Valenza | May 2016

    Librarians as Change Agents: The Expertise is Right Here  Traci Chun, Mark Ray, Angela Vahsholtz-Andersen, Ron Wagner |Apr 2016

    > Keeping a Seat at the Table with Google  Caroline See, Patty Stanko | Mar 2016   

    > K-2s Like Nonfiction Too!  Shannon Miller | Feb 2016

    > Building your Library to Support Inquiry-led Learning and the Three Programmes of the International Baccalaureate  Stuart Crouch, Courtney Moore | Jan 2016 



    Destiny Resource Manager
    Managing Resource Orders at the Warehouse
    > AUG 29, 2018 | 12pm CDT 

    Destiny Library Manager
    Configuring Your Library for Success
    > SEP 25, 2018 | 12pm CDT

    Destiny Resource Manager
    Setting Up Resource Groups
    > SEP 26, 2018 | 12pm CDT

    Collections by Destiny
    Exploring Collections by Destiny
    PART 1 OF 2
    > AUG 22, 2018 | 12pm CDT
    > SEP 19, 2018 | 12pm CDT
    > OCT 17, 2018 | 12pm CDT

    Collections by Destiny: Beyond the Basics
    PART 2 OF 2
    > SEP 5, 2018 | 12pm CDT
    > OCT 3, 2018 | 12pm CDT


    ARCHIVED: Watch Recording

    > Lightbox: Support Classroom Instruction with Lightbox

    > Tidy Up Follett Destiny Library Manager for the End of School

    > Learn How to Conduct a TitleWise Collection Analysis

    > Conducting an Inventory-DRM (Resource Manager)

    > Conducting an Inventory-DLM (Library Manager) 

    > Transferring Your Resources (Resource Manager)

    > Customizing Your Homepage (Library Manager) 

    > Generating Resource Reports (Resource Manager)

    > Building Your Catalog (Library Manager) 

    Titlewave for Beginners 

    > Collections Series Part 2 of 2 |Collections by Destiny: Beyond the Basics

    > Collections Series Part 1 of 2 | Explore Collections by Destiny   

    > Distributing and Collecting Resources (Resource Manager)

    > Genrefying Your Library

    > Tracking Individual Resources (Resource Manager)

    > Building Custom Reports for Your Library 

    > Cataloging Your Resource Types (Resource Manager)

    > Managing Your Resources (Resource Manager) 

    > Getting Started with Destiny Discover 

    > Don't Miss Collections by Destiny  

    > What's New in Destiny 15.0  

    > What's Coming in Destiny 15.0 . . . featuring Collections  

    > Promoting Access to Library Materials

    > Customizing Your Home Page

    > Defining Roles and Establishing Access Levels in Destiny  

    Titlewave Collection Development 

    > One Search 

    >  What's New in Destiny 14.5

    > Titlewave: Learn How to Work Smarter   


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