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    Watch Recording | Literacy Intervention: Strategies for Success at All Ages

    Literacy Intervention: Strategies for Success at All Ages

    By the time kids reach middle grades, is it too late for literacy intervention or can unique programs motivate students and help set them on a path for lifelong literacy?  In this informative presentation, a literacy specialist shares strategies and programs you can apply now, using reading as a social activity. You’ll learn new ways to get kids talking and sharing books, and how to make those types of activities engaging, motivating, and authentic.

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    Dr. Tracy Tarasiuk shares proven practices and specific activities like Book Talks, Reading Groups, and Discussions.  

    Teachers and librarians will learn:

    • Ways to encourage reading and literacy on an everyday basis.
    • Interesting approaches that engage students, including summer reading programs and partnerships with other educators and organizations.
    • How to take advantage of the social aspects of reading to increase engagement and motivation.
    • Increase comprehension through discussions about reading. 
    • Organize time to talk about books into a busy class schedule.
    • To identify digital resources that build literacy skills while engaging the user.




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    Dr. Tracy Tarasiuk
    Literacy Specialist, Park Campus School, Grayslake IL

    Dr. Tracy Tarasiuk is a Middle Grades Reading Specialist and English Language Arts Teacher.  She has been teaching reading to older students for 19 years. She spends her time concentrating on students’ self-efficacy and engagement as a way to improve comprehension. Tracy has been active member of the Illinois Reading Council and regularly presents at local, state, and national educational conferences.


    Originally published April 2, 2018 / Updated June 13, 2018

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    Watch Recording | Literacy Intervention: Strategies for Success at All Ages