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    Educator Collaboration: The Ease of Google Drive with the Fun of Pinterest

    Educator Collaboration: The Ease of Google Drive with the Fun of Pinterest

    by Nicole Stroup

    As an instructional coach working with a variety of grade levels, I always encounter teachers requesting various resources for specific standards. Therefore, I pulled together a mixture of resources, including lessons from BetterLesson or EngageNY, professional development articles from ASCD or Reading Rockets, graphic organizers from my Google Drive, YouTube videos for students and mini lessons from Teacher Tube. To make access to these resources easy, I compiled them in a Collection - a new feature in Destiny Discover™ that every 21st-century educator needs! Collections also connects to your school’s library, as you can pin any book, eBook, or resource you might have to the Collection. You can pin almost anything as long as it has an IP address! After creating the Collection, I was then able to share it with the people in need of the resources. 

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    That’s the coolest part about Collections - the ability to share it with whoever you want. You can keep your Collection private, share with people at your school or district or share publically for any educator to use and check out the resources you have pinned. If those options aren’t what you are looking for, you can customize the people with whom you share the Collection. If you want to share only with your grade level or content team, then simply add their emails when sharing. 

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    Collections combines the collaboration and ease of Google Drive with the fun of Pinterest. Similar to Google Drive, you can control the rights people have when you share your Collection. You can allow others to edit your Collection and collaborate with you, or you can provide view-only access. In view-only access, people can copy your Collection to their own board and edit it without editing your original, much like Google Drive’s view-only and Make a Copy features. You can also link your Collection to Google Classroom and have your students use vetted resources you found. They can also create their own! 

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    Want to share with parents or others who might not have access to Destiny Discover or Collections? You can! All you have to do is share the link and they can access all the resources you have collected. 

    To make it even easier, I would recommend downloading the Bookmarklet, which is a shortcut that makes pinning resources to your Collection a breeze, just like Pinterest! The shortcut becomes part of your favorites toolbar and you can add resources to your Collection without being logged into your Destiny Discover account. I have to say, I use the Bookmarklet on 99% of the resources I pin for my Collections. When I’m browsing for something on the web and run across resources I want to share, I simply use the Bookmarklet to pin that resource to a Collection I already created...or I can even start a new Collection with the Bookmarklet. 

    Try it! You’ll love it!

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    Nicole Stroup has been in education for ten years both at Round Lake Area Schools and Big Hollow Elementary.  She holds a masters in Reading Instruction and is currently finishing her second masters in Educational Leadership.  She taught second grade for five years before taking a job as a Reading Specialist working with grades K-5.  The previous three years she has been an instructional coach and ELA Content Facilitator working with many classroom teachers across the district providing support and professional development for staff.  Through the coaching roles she has also worked with various school library media assistants in helping them genrefy their collections and support best practices with collection development.  She is celebrating her first year as a mom and enjoys volunteering her time coaching for Carmel Catholic High School girl's gymnastic program.

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