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    Using Collections by Destiny in an IB School

    Using Collections by Destiny in an IB School

    by Klaudia Janek, IB Teacher, Librarian at International Academy, Bloomfield Hills MI

    I have been playing around with Destiny Collections over the past few weeks, and I am super excited about the way it is allowing me to share my IB library resources with my staff and students. I think the physical collection is being featured more prominently because it’s integrated with online sources as well. I was a big user of Resource Lists in the previous version, but exporting a text list is not as visually appealing as a whole collection that can be shared with one link. The Collection has pictures of the book covers, screenshots of free web resources and YouTube videos that are playable through the Collection. Simply put, I think that students can see at a quick glance that they have access to great library resources. 

    I was leading an IB workshop for librarians, and we were trying to navigate between the old OCC platform and the new myIB platform, but not everyone had access to one or both. So, we were trying to figure out a way to share TOK resources and our quick go-to is always a GoogleDoc. It’s also difficult to facilitate the workshop and put together resources since there is no time for that to happen. When I got back to work, I thought it might be a good idea to put the TOK resources into a Collection to share with our teachers and students. THEN, I realized that it could be a public list and shared with TOK teachers all over the world. This is the Collection that has been curated by TOK teachers all over the world.




    Once you get started creating Destiny Collections, it will be hard to stop! The TOK list is unique in that it has all free website resources, so everyone has access to those. I have some classes that are a mix of print and online (both free and paid), and that reflects what we expect students to use. Here is a good example of a mixed resource Collection that I made for the MYP Personal Project. I included some information directly from the IBO, included some of my paid database resources, my print books that have been popular for Personal Project and some free web resources that our students use to get started on this semester-long project.


    KLAUDIA MYP 2.png


    I have some Collections that I have created for very specific assignments, like this one for Ancient China in a ninth-grade MYP history class.




    The history department and I had been curating our print collection for this topic for a number of years, so we have some great books for students to use. I also have a few eBooks that complement this assignment nicely, and we allow for one or two free websites in the final works cited. But part of the lesson is not only the history content but also a nonfiction print collection library orientation.  This happens within the first few weeks of school for our freshmen. I am also teaching students how to use their new Google accounts including Google Classroom, so I embed this Collection link directly into their Google Classroom so they learn how to access a Collection from home and sign into their Google account.

    I’m also finding that my MYP & DP world languages (French, German and Spanish) teachers really love sharing links to our library Collections. Again, we had a very specific assignment in French and have been using a curated print list for a while. I added some eBook resources and some free web resources so that students would have access to a few different types of sources. This particular collection was made for a Francophone project:


    KLAUDIA Francophone.png


    For our German teacher, I made a fun resource list for days they have some extra time to learn about Germany and other German-speaking countries. >  

    KLAUDIA Germany.png


    These Collections take a little bit of time to create, but here is the specific list of Spanish fiction books that I have available so that students can develop literacy in their second language. This particular list is developed for MYP Spanish, Spanish B SL and Spanish ab initio students:




    This next Collection I developed for Spanish B HL and native Spanish speakers to support and enhance the IB mother tongue guidelines.  


    I will continue to build similar Collections for my world languages teachers and students.  



    One of my favorite ways to use a Collection is to advertise our new books as they come into the library. I have been sharing this link on Facebook and Twitter so that students, parents and teachers all have access to these new books. I also wrote an email that was sent to all 700+ of my students with a link to the Collection, a picture of the display they are on and a funny reading GIF to entice students to check some of these books out for a long weekend that we have coming up. However, these types of Collections will just be temporary. As I get new books in December or perhaps come up with a theme (like realistic fiction with winter or holiday settings) then I will make a temporary Collection and delete the New Book November one. >

    KLAUDIA NOV 2017.png

    There are so many great uses for Collections within an IB school. I’ve got plans for History Internal Assessment topics/theme collections. I don’t plan to physically genrify my library, but I can easily create genre-specific Collections to share with students. Most that I create for my students specifically are kept private within the school or district. The ones that I think can help other IB teachers/librarians are made public, but most likely need to be copied and customized to meet your own unique school needs. My hope is that reading this article will inspire you to start using, or continue making, Collections for your IB students.


    Klaudia Janek

    MAME board member, Extended Essay Coordinator, IB Librarian, IB Workshop Leader, IB on-line PD facilitator, IB Workshop Developer, ALA / AASL / YALSA member. Visit my library portal page. Follow me on Follett Community and on Twitter @kjanek.


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