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    Celebrating and Collaborating with Colleagues

    Celebrating and Collaborating with Colleagues

    By Craig Seasholes

    Whether online or face-to-face, I can't help but reflect on the fact that a librarian’s professional learning community is an inspiration worth sharing. But where to begin?

    A glimpse at my calendar tells something of the story:

    On January 23rd, I was shoulder to shoulder with a couple thousand others at the ALSC Book & Media Awards announcement in Atlanta. The 2017 Youth Media Award announcements were held Monday, January 23rd from the ALA Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits in Atlanta. If you couldn't go out and buy a ticket to Atlanta, I hope you were able to watch the live webcast. 

    Today, January 26th at 2pm Central, I'll be presenting a webcast for Follett Community with K.C. Boyd, Michelle Martin and author Lynda Mullaly-Hunt. Entitled "Promoting Inclusion, Social Equity, and Diversity in Your Library," this webinar (and its preparation) has given me a chance to put heads together with some terrific colleagues. After being presented with the opportunity to host the webcast, I invited two terrific colleagues to join me. Michelle Martin is the new Beverly Cleary Chair for Children's Literature at the UW iSchool, and K.C. Boyd (aka @Boss_Librarian) is overseeing the return of high school libraries in East St. Louis.  Our group of dedicated educators will be joined by author Lynda Mullaly-Hunt, whose website details her accomplishments as an author, teacher, speaker, and juggler... before this opportunity, I only knew Lynda as the author of Fish in a Tree.

    Please join us for the webinar, where we’ll discuss all aspects of social justice, inclusion, and diversity in your library. We’ll explore resources, strategies, and creative ways to serve all students. I hope you’ll become part of this important conversation as we all strive to be the best librarians we can be.

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    Craig Seasholes is a teacher-librarian in a diverse, high-poverty Seattle Public School, as well as serving  as President-Elect of the Washington Library Association. He will share ways he creates an energized and responsive library and information technology program that honors students’ interests and identities while strengthening their abilities to navigate a complex and challenging world. Firmly believing that even our youngest students can be encouraged to think deeply and act wisely, he works tirelessly to cultivate a culture of curiosity and respect for differences and commonalities that define the rich social fabric in which we live. 



    Originally posted January 18, 2017 / Updated January 26, 2017

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