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    WEBINAR | Getting Ready for ESSA

    Getting Ready for ESSA

    by Ellen Cleary Ruane, Acumen Partners LLC

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    There is no doubt we are living under the specter of change, and nowhere is that more true than in our schools. There are so many big-ticket issues that come to mind when we think about today’s K-12 education… safety, data privacy, staff training and development, funding, assessments, parents, learners and more. The job of educating today’s youth has never been more complicated.  

    We are now away from the end of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). When the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was passed in December 2015, it established this school year—the one we are more than halfway through—as the transition year. ESSA impacts everything: how schools get their funding; the rigor of evidence required to make purchases with those funding dollars; the level of accountability districts have to states; and the level of accountability each state has to the Department of Education. It’s a complete change, and one that hasn’t been fully defined for us yet, in spite of the timing.  

    Questions abound what will a new administration and a new Education Secretary mean for ESSA? So many dates have been missed already - how can NCLB be cut off? What happens if the evidence gathered doesn’t meet the level of rigor intended? There are probably more questions than answers in fact.  

    On January 12th, Dr. Julie Carter and I talked about the impact of ESSA on schools as we understand it today. It’s a moving target but one that we are following closely. Watch the webinar recording today and access more resources below. 

    Did you know?  Follett and AASL are doing state by state meetings to help librarians learn about ESSA. Learn more.

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    Julie Carter, CEO, GreyED Solutions


    Ellen Cleary Ruane, Acumen Partners LLC

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