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    Thursday, November 14 at 2pm CDT

    Sourcing Materials for Struggling and Reluctant Readers

    Schools across the country share one thing: a group of diverse learners. Educators are differentiating their lessons and materials to ensure they reach all learners. When students need additional support, various intervention strategies and programs can be used to meet students at their level. This webinar will focus on content solutions to meet the needs of your students.  >>Register  

    Thursday, December 14 at 2pm CDT

    Keeping It Fresh: How to Create and Sustain a Maker Culture that Motivates Teens

    Pick up practical takeaways and strategies for creating a culture of making in your high school library from the 2017 Follett Challenge program contest winner in the high school category. Learn how to find themes, challenges and events to motivate high school students in the space!  >>Register  

    Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 3:30am CDT (9:30am GMT)

    Worldwide Literacy Success: The Key Role of Libraries in English National Curriculum

    Join us as we explore the vital role libraries can play in all English National Curriculum schools around the globe. Collaboration between the library and the classroom has proven a measureable impact: students achieve higher levels of literacy, reading, learning, problem-solving and information and communication technology skills. Our presenters will share ideas on how educators can make libraries the heart of their school, thus aiding academic attainment across all subjects and key stages. >>Register   





    The Importance of Weeding in Collection Development. Overcome challenges and barriers to weeding your school library with fresh approaches, tools and strategies. Learn how to determine candidates for weeding and how you can maintain your collection. [Get Resources on Follett Community]

    Future Ready Librarians Webinar. Learn ways librarians can lead, teach and support personalized student learning using the Future Ready Librarians framework. Build and implement evidence-based curricula and assessments to help you succeed. [View Recording]  

    Balanced Literacy by Dr. Jayme Linton. Balanced literacy, what is it and what are the benefits? Learn from Dr. Jayme Linton, Professor of Education at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Dr. Linton teaches balanced literacy in the early education program at Lenior-Rhyne University. [View Recording]

    Makerspace and the Curriculum: Best Practices for Transforming Learning. Makerspace Boot Camp founders Sheri McNair and Shannon Mersand share how to expand Makerspace learning beyond a space and into the curriculum. [Get Resources on Follett Community] 

    Reading Beyond the Library: Support Reading and Collaboration with Biblionasium and Destiny. Get a quick demo of the integration between Destiny and Biblionasium to get ideas for how to support reading and collaboration between teachers, librarians, parents and students. Presented by Marjan Ghara, Founder and CEO of Biblionasium and Shannon Miller, Future Ready Librarians and Project Connect Spokesperson, Buncee Teacher Ambassador & Cantata Learning Library Advocate and Consultant  [Get Resources on Follett Community]  

    Explore Collections by Destiny The digital age is changing the way we consume content. A critical challenge for teachers is close collaboration with students, librarians and colleagues to create successful learning experiences for students. Collections by Destiny makes it easy to find, gather and share content, while letting students adapt to different teaching styles and methods. Create and share a Collection and learn how to expand the learning community. [View Recording]  

    Designing Learning for Rigor, Relevance and Research: Blended learning begins with collaboration between campus educational specialists. Learn how a lesson idea turned into a full blended virtual activity that took learning beyond the classroom and into a dynamic dimension of relevance. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Don't Miss Collections by Destiny: Built into Destiny Discover™, Collections is a new, collaborative way for librarians, teachers and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across your district, school or between users. Each collection can include any resource from anywhere – webpages, images, and documents – anything! Let us show you how Collections can help reduce instructional planning and research time, maximizes visibility and usage of your educational resources, and encourages deeper learning in and outside the classroom[Get resources on Follett Community]

    What's New in Destiny 15.0: We are excited to present What’s New in Destiny Version 15.0. Join Don Rokusek and Jason Lasiewicz as they review the enhancements to Destiny. Learn about all the new features and upgrades, including the new reporting tool, Destiny Analytics, that allows you to be interactive and dynamic with your data[Get resources on Follett Community]

    Collaboration to Support Planning and Skills Across the PYP, MYP, DP and CP: How do educators work together to best support inquiry and research in the PYP, MYP, DP and CP? True success requires careful planning and skills implementation through a collaborative effort between Teachers, Librarians, Specialists and Administrators in any given programme. Instructional partnerships have become more important and intertwined in progressive schools across the globe as learning moves beyond the classroom walls. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    What's Coming in Destiny 15.0 . . .  featuring Collections: Check out this exciting sneak peek of the new functionality being released this summer with Destiny 15.0.  Find, create, deliver and share in a whole new way with Collections, powered by Destiny Discover. Collections creates new, collaborative ways for librarians, teachers and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across the district and schools. Collections allow you to curate anything from anywhere to share and collaborate with anyone. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Alike But Different: Supporting Individual Learning Styles Using Audiobooks and Print:  Current research suggests that engaging different learning styles is crucial in helping students be successful. Audiobooks provide an appealing alternative for experiencing quality literature for all students, including those who are special-needs, gifted, average, or English Language Learners. A professor and former school librarian will offer an overview of how audiobooks impact literacy and help you address literacy challenges and improve student outcomes. Listen in to gain practical tips on building, circulating, and marketing audiobook collections for children and teens. Plus, hear about titles that will grab even the most reluctant readers.  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course:  Shannon Miller will explore the importance of teaching digital literacy, the effects of not addressing digital literacy in your school, and how you can address this issue. As an experienced teacher librarian Shannon has examples and practical advice. In today's climate of what's real and what is 'fake' news, it's more important than ever to understand how you can best empower every student--even the very young--to become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information. Join us and learn how you can do the best job possible in teaching digital literacy. About Shannon Miller, about Project Connect  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Future Ready Librarians: Leading Beyond the Library. Hear from district and library leaders on ways school librarians are extending their leadership beyond the library to support personalized student learning. Part of the Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series.  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Selecting Texts for Text Sets: Best Practices for Grade K-8. Want to know more about teaching with text sets? Interested in learning more about how to select children’s and young adult books to serve as the center of a text set in language arts, science, and social studies? Lesley University Professors, Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Thulin Dawes, will present a process for evaluating a book, taking into account the quality of the text, the utility of the text in a classroom context, and the text’s complexity. We will explore a single text more deeply, using specific graphic organizers and questions to guide participant’s thinking about the book’s quality, utility, and complexity. [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Reading Between the Lines: Promoting Reading K-9 at the Int'l School of DusseldorfStuart Crouch and Courtney Moore, both of the International School of Dusseldorf, will review successful approaches to reading they've developed for use at the International School of Dusseldorf, Germany. This international school enjoys high levels of student engagement and literacy as a result of their progressive reading program and the efforts of the library staff. For any IB school, there is much to be gained from hearing how this duo impacts literacy and reading. [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    What's New in Destiny 14.5: Improved Reporting and More to Discover! We are excited to present What’s New in Destiny Version 14.5. Join Don Rokusek, Destiny Program Director, as he reviews the enhancements to Destiny. Learn about all the new features and upgrades, including the improved reporting and Destiny Discover homepage customizations[Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Promoting Inclusion, Social Equity and Diversity in Your Library. Join us as we explore what it means to promote inclusion in every sense, and leave with applicable strategies and new skills. Three dedicated professionals will share strategies, experiences, and resources designed to help you run a dynamic, inclusive, forward-thinking library program. [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Getting Ready for ESSA: What You Need to KnowWatch this webinar to to learn the ins and outs of ESSA. Our two presenters —one a former educator and tech leader in a Minnesota school district, the other a professional business consultant who is an expert on ESSA—presented an overview of the legislation and how it differs from NCLB. [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Enhance Your Library: Save Time & Build a Smarter CollectionWhat makes a dynamic and effective library? And who are the best partners to engage in creating it? The answers to those questions—and so much more—will be explored in this fascinating webinar. Learn ways to create and maintain an inspiring IB library where both students and teachers feel engaged. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Balanced Literacy: Strategies for Practical Application Based on Research. Balanced Literacy serves as the framework from which we create various models and structures of what literacy will look like in our classroom. Pairing the practical application with research, you will feel better equipped to evaluate your classroom instruction and implement new changes as necessary. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    What's New With MLA 8? The new and improved MLA 8th Edition is here! Ready to learn the basics? Interested in seeing how it differs from MLA 7? Want to know how to make teaching citations fun and exciting? Follett and EasyBib have teamed together to show you all of the above! [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Researching in a Digital World: The Role of eBooksThis webinar questions how we as educators prepare our “digital natives” to be “digital researchers”. Our specific focus will be on the use of non-fiction eBooks and accompanying active reading tools as well as digital notebooks to address some of the common challenges presented by digital research.  [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Success for Struggling Readers: New Strategies Using eBooks. Research proves that eBooks hold many advantages and opportunities for struggling readers to succeed. Join us for this webinar to learn techniques, strategies and where to find resources to make the reading experience motivational and fun.

    Increasing Rigor Through Close Reading and Argumentative Writing. How do educators facilitate higher-order thinking among diverse students with such limited time and resources? In this webinar, we'll discuss how to create rich and robust learning experiences that teach students how to think critically while also saving teachers valuable classroom and prep time. [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Integrating Graphic Novels Into Curriculum. Graphic novels have a lot to offer as literature, educational tools, entertainment and more. As teachers, educators and reading specialists are becoming more open to varied strategies to improve student literacy there has been an increase in the use of graphic novels and comics into the classroom. 09.13.16 - 75min [Get resources on Follett Community]

    What's New in Destiny 14.0. This new release includes an updated, refreshed and modern user interface and other new capabilities that are truly game changers in the market. Destiny 14.0 supports the latest open technology standards, is easier and simpler to use, and will help you bring library resources to teachers + students. Presented by Don Rokusek, Program Director, Library Solutions, Follett School Solutions. 08.23.16 - 60min [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Ditching Dewey: Genrefication in Your Library. Interested in moving away from Dewey Decimal System to a student-centered arrangement/bookstore model based on genres? Learn from Tiffany Whitehead, aka the Mighty Little Librarian, an obsessive reader, social media user, and technology geek. She is the upper and middle school librarian at Episcopal School of Baton Rouge and she has genrefyed her TWO libraries. Co-presented by Don Rokusek, Program Director, Library Solutions, Follett School Solutions. 06.23.16 - 60min [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Literacy through the Arts: Standards-Aligned Curriculum for History and Social Studies!  The 21st century has been labeled the “visual age,” and interweaving art into all subject areas bears a host of qualitative and quantitative benefits for its learners. Learn some new ideas and explore the why, what and how of arts integration in history and social studies. Presented by: Emily Valenza, Art Teacher & Art Department Coordinator, Kingsley Montessori School, Boston, MA; and Julie Knutson, Academic Consultant, Follett School Solutions. 05.10.16 - 60min [Get resources on Follett Community]

    Titlewave®: Learn How to Work Smarter...and Find Out What's Coming Next  Learn simple - yet powerful - tips to help you make searching, sorting, and discovering great content even faster and easier.  Presented by Seth Gumble, Director IT, Follett School Solutions. 04.26.16 - 60min  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Librarians as Change Agents: The Expertise is Right Here  Education is embarking on a digital transformation, requiring we connect students to all available resources. Yet in an effort to cut costs, a key player in this initiative is sometimes cut or undervalued – the school librarian. Presented by: Mark Ray, Chief Digital Officer, Vancouver Public Schools; Ron Wagner, Teacher Librarian, Felida Elementary School, Vancouver Public Schools; Angela Vahsholtz-Andersen, Teacher Librarian, Discovery Middle School, Vancouver Public Schools; Traci Chun, Teacher Librarian, Skyview High School, Vancouver Public Schools. 04.13.16 - 60min  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Keeping a Seat at the Table with Google®  Authenticate search with Follett and Google®. Learn how to get the information you are seeking—effectively, efficiently and safely. Plus, strategies you can take back to your school and use immediately with your students. Presented by Patty Stanko, Senior Academic Trainer, Follett School Solutions. 03.15.16 - 60min  [Get Resources on Follett Community] 

    K-2s Like Nonfiction Too! Featuring Shannon Miller  Learn how nonfiction Pebble products can support emerging K-2 readers. Presented by Shannon Miller, Teacher Librarian, Technology Integration Specialist, Educational Consultant, Author and Speaker. 02.24.16 - 60min  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    Building your Library to Support Inquiry-led Learning and the Three Programmes of the International Baccalaureate  Learn how you can effectively build your collection over time to best meet the specific needs of the IB curriculum across PYP, MYP and DP programmes. Presented by Stuart Crouch, Head of Libraries, International School of Düsseldorf, Germany; and Courtney Moore, Librarian at the Elementary School at the International School of Düsseldorf, Germany. 01.20.16 - 60min  [Get resources on Follett Community] 

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    Follett Science and Literacy Connections Program  Meet the demands of building literacy skills and content knowledge through informational texts with our new research-based Science and Literacy Connections Program. Presented by Jenny Meyer, Classroom Product Marketing Manager, Follett School Solutions. 20min [Get resources on Follett Community] 

    See Learning in a Whole New Light with Lightbox  Lightbox is a fully interactive, multidimensional, supplemental solution for PreK-12 educators looking to improve engagement and literacy skills. It supports the varied approaches you use to help students master the standards and accommodates the needs of all learners. Presented by Mitch Coulter, Senior Product Manager, Follett School Solutions. 20min


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