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    RDA - Entry of Unnumbered Pages and Plates 

     RDA - Entry of Content Type

     RDA Guidelines for Abbreviated Words in Bibliographic Records 

     RDA - Relationship Designators in Main Entry 

     RDA Guidelines for Entering Copyright Dates 

     Entry of Statement of Responsibility and Main Entry (More than Three Authors)

     Z Sources in Destiny

     MARC 650 - Second Indicator

     RDA Core Elements

     Assigning a Dewey Decimal Classification Number

    • How Does Follett Support RDA?

    • BISAC Subject Heading in MARC Records

     Cataloging E-Reader Devices

     Entry of Personal Names in Statement of Responsibility and Main Entry

    • Cataloging Playaway Devices

    • Cataloging a Makerspace in Destiny Library Manager

     Ways to Prepare for RDA

     MARC and RDA

     Cataloging Streaming Media 

     Cover Title Used in Cataloging

     Cataloging Podcasts

    • MARC Organization Code

    • Entry of Name of Publisher

    • Form Subdivision in 6XX MARC Tags

     Entry of Statement of Responsibility (Transcription)

     Entry of Award in MARC Records

    • Entry of Statement of Responsibility (Level of Description) 

    • Cataloging Multivolume Sets

     Adaptations of Works

    • Kit or Mixed Material (Leader Code)

     Two Titles Bound Together with No Collective Title 



    About Ms. MARC...

    Judy Yurczyk assumed the role of Ms. MARC 10 years ago and answers many cataloging questions from school library staff just like you! In addition to writing "Tag of the Month," Judy is an integral part of maintaining Follett's Alliance MARC record databases. The author of Follett's past publications of MARC Bibliographic Format Guide and MARC Authority Format Guide, Judy has taught MARC workshop classes throughout the country.

    Judy received her MLS from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She is a member of the American Library Association (ALA), the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) and its Cataloging and Classification Section (ALCTS/CCS), and Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC). She has served as a member of the Vendor Relations Committee and ALCTS/CCS Cataloging of Children's Materials Committee. She co-authored a chapter in Cataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools published by the American Library Association.

    Ms. MARC, Judy Yurczyk

    Do you have a question about this issue or other cataloging topics? Ask Ms MARC. Email Ms. MARC ( for a personal reply or post your question in the Enhance Your Library discussion area to hear from Ms. MARC and your peers on Follett Community. 

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