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    Digital Citizenship: Are You Leading the Charge?

    Digital Citizenship: Are You Leading the Charge?

    by Caroline See

    We all know digital citizenship is important. There’s an abundance of research and opinions on what it means, or should mean, to you and your students. But how do you weave digital citizenship best practices into your instruction?

    Whether you’re a digital native or recent adopter, the Internet and social media are remaking what it means to be a citizen. It’s not enough to understand digital citizenship. Educators must ensure schools are cultivating productive, safe and responsible members of a digital world.

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    Every district’s, school’s and student’s needs are different. There is no magic wand, and many organizations already have their own specific policies.

    When building the Digital Citizenship micro-credential badge course, we at Follett were driven by this diversity in understanding and policies. As a result, the course first focuses on identifying your current knowledge, as well as your students’. We then evaluate your existing practices and policies. Finally, together you create a plan to equip and lead your students and yourself to success in the digital age.

    Whether you’ve already implemented a digital citizenship culture or are just beginning to think about it, this course is for you. Alignment with the ISTE teaching standards means you’ll come away prepared to model, teach and lead educators and students to a deeper value of digital citizenship. And, in today's climate of what is real and what is 'fake' news, this course is invaluable as library professionals take on even more responsibility as to what students should or should not believe or trust when it comes to digital content. In a recent blog on School Library Journal's "Never Ending Search", Joyce Valenza discusses the intricacies of this timely issue. Entitled, "Truth, truthiness, triangulation: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world", Valenza's entry is a critical look at news worthiness, and includes a host of resources designed to help you make good information-consumption decisions. Our digital citizenship course can help educators as they traverse these complicated times.     

    Follett and Project Connect are committed to helping educators and librarians lead beyond the library. There is now a complete set of Professional Development opportunities. These online courses promote innovative school library models, helping you address critical educational challenges with a future ready approach.

    For more information on this course and other Follett Professional Development offerings, visit or

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    Caroline See, BS, Business Administration, concentration in Industrial Education. In her 19 years working in higher education and K–12, Caroline has implemented and trained on complex systems and solutions targeting the educator market. Her experience in education includes work as an instructor, information resource consultant, business analyst, project manager and course developer. She is spurred by the amazing results that come from focusing on and meeting customer needs. Since joining Follett, she has received Follett Values awards for Accountability (2008) and Each and Every Associate (2012).

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    Second release: April 6, 2018

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