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    Destiny Discover Supports IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Specs

    Follett’s new Destiny 14.0 release now supports IMS LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) capability providing seamless, single sign-on integration to resources available in Destiny Discover via districts’ learning applications. Earlier this week, Follett announced a series of significant updates to its market-leading Destiny solution, including an innovative Chrome extension and access to open education resources.

    The latest software update enables institutions using any LTI-compliant learning application to enhance the visibility and accessibility of resources the district has invested in through the addition of Destiny Discovery tools to their online classes.

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    As the 2016-17 school year has begun or is getting ready to start across the country, news that the new 14.0 release includes the capability to make Destiny an LTI tool was praised by current Follett customers.

    “As a district with an LMS, we wanted to make sure Destiny was not being seen just as a library product, but rather as an integral part of our classroom environments,” said Suzy Ferrell, Director of Library Media Services, Clear Creek (Texas) Independent School District. “Now, students can quickly and efficiently access Destiny since it is now tied to our learning management system with no separate log in.”

    “Our teachers and media specialists will be able to add digital content housed in Destiny to a course in our learning management system providing a streamlined approach for our students,” said Gregory Odell, e-Learning Specialist, Hall County Schools in Gainesville, Ga. “Adding the LTI capability to Destiny opens up many opportunities for our district to promote the digital assets available in Destiny via our one-stop-shop LMS.”

    According to Nader Qaimari, President of Follett School Solutions, the new LTI integration “reflects our company’s ongoing commitment to championing accessibility and open standards, supporting schools’ ability to make technology decisions that are right for them.”

    “This is one of many steps we are taking to connect the classroom to the library, helping highlight the importance of librarians and the content they curate within districts and instruction,” Qaimari added.

    Ferrell concurred and said she is particularly excited her library’s resources can now be integrated into the classroom courses.

    “Partnering with our curriculum teams, we will be able to help bring the resources from our libraries to students and teachers into their online learning environments,” she said. “This is really a game changer for partnering resources with classrooms.”

    To fully introduce Destiny 14.0, including the new IMS LTI integration, Follett hosted a free webcast on August 23 that you can view at your convenience. For more information, and to register to view the webcast, visit this link.

    For more information about Follett Destiny, visit For more information about Follett, visit

    Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) keeps us connected!

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