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    Destiny Security Patch Auto Update Now Available

    Destiny Security Patch Auto Update Now Available

    Follett is providing a Destiny security patch to locally-installed Destiny customers to address security vulnerabilities within the JBoss application server in the Destiny solution. This auto update release addresses known security vulnerabilities in the underlying architecture of Destiny. It does not contain any end user feature changes for the product. As is the case with any known vulnerability, customers should examine their impacted servers to confirm they remain uncompromised.

    We strongly recommend that customers apply this auto update as soon as possible. To ensure the update runs as smoothly as possible, follow these steps.

    • If you are running the latest release of the current version of Destiny (13.5) please accept the auto update. No further action is needed.
    • We are making this security patch available to customers running older versions of Destiny. If you are running a Destiny version lower than 13.5 you must accept all auto update releases that are available for your version of Destiny before you can receive security patch for your version.

    We recommend that customers configure Destiny so that the Destiny Administrator is automatically notified via email when auto update releases are received by your Destiny server. You also have the option of configuring Destiny to automatically install these auto updates when they are received. To set up this functionality, log in to Destiny as the Destiny Admin and go to Setup > District Options > Auto Update Settings.

    We appreciate your attention to this important update to ensure your Destiny environment remains secure. Please contact Technical Support at 888.511.5114, Option 3, if you have any questions.

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