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    Jan 26 Webcast: A Better Way to Manage Learning Resources

    A Better Way to Manage Learning Resources

    You're invited to a web seminar on Tuesday, January 26 at 2pm Eastern, produced by District Administration featuring Debbie Turner from Mobile County SD and Follett’s own Brian James.

    Administrators have a variety of responsibilities in managing a district, but certain tasks can be burdensome and distract from the core mission of the school system.Purchasing, deploying and managing learning resources such as textbooks and other materials are time consuming and costly tasks that can weigh down administrators. However, outsourcing these tasks to an experienced partner can increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure the right learning resources get in the hands of students.

    Attend this web seminar produced by District Administration to learn how the Mobile County School District—which serves 59,000 students and is the largest district in the state of Alabama—has utilized a partner to manage the purchasing, inventory and storage of all of the district’s textbooks and print learning resources, and how any district can increase operational efficiency by outsourcing administrative tasks.  

    Topics include:

    • How to save time, money and space removing warehouse challenges
    • How to hold schools accountable for resources in their possession
    • How to track and better utilize existing resources in and between schools in the district
    • Keys to building sustainable practices that maximize investments
    • Ways to help staff to focus on instruction instead of managing resources



    Debbie Turner | Library Media Supervisor, Mobile County (Ala.) School District

    Brian James | Managed Services Consultant, Follett

    Brought to you by:

    District Administration

    Sponsored by Follett

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    Jan 26 Webcast: A Better Way to Manage Learning Resources